Glasshalfempty is sick

OK, so Glasshalfempty is properly sad. Cortex, the server that has backed my web presence for several years is ailing increasingly badly, and it looks like its motherboard is going to need replacement soon. It's had a couple of new HDDs now, as well, and I think the time has come to replace it altogether. I have a shopping list, and will be pushing it to the relevant salespeople soon, and will assemble the parts when they arrive. Then, finally, after several years, I want to have GHE back online.

It's been too long since I had somewhere to put my side-projects, random bits of code, fiction, and the like. Simple and basic and possibly not-worth-the-time it may be, but I'm going to get it back on the network. Hopefully, by Christmas 2014. But there's a lot of work to do between now and then.

Dan Summers, 20141007

Update - 20141022

The parts for the new server have arrived, and are undergoing assembly.

Spec follows:

This machine will be installed with Debian testing (using a spare DVD drive, before you ask where I'm putting the disc in the above :P), and racked into the 12U Gator case that holds the rest of my gear, above cortex (which leaves 1U free). Data and functionality will be transferred from cortex to the new box in a fairly leisurely fashion, because this is a phase-out-and-replace, not an emergency-failover, so there's less time pressure. I anticipate the new machine being online by the end of October, and taking over from cortex in mid-November.

Update - 20141029

Cortex's health continues to degenerate, with a more serious RAID fault last night (that was corrected by an overnight manual full-resync, having failed the in-flight resyncs that brought it back up the last couple of times). It's obvious that the 4TB RAID is ailing increasingly badly, so I'm pulling data off it to a backup disk. This is problematic, because whenever I do any kind of bulk data transfer the RAID has a reasonable chance of falling over again (whatever problem it's suffering from is exacerbated by high rates of data transfer, which makes me suspect the controller), so I'm having to copy folder trees by hand.

The new server has been constructed, and is awaiting acceptance testing, software installation and racking.